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Too Beautiful to Lie (2004)

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Melodrama.
Language : Korean
Country : South Korea
Cast : Kim Ha-Neul, Kang Dong-Won.
Directed by : Bae Hyeong-Jun
Run Time : 115 min
Release Date : 20th February, 2004

Synopsis :
Too Beautiful to Lie” a.k.a. “Don't Believe Her” (Korean : Geu-nyeo-reul Mid-ji Ma-se-yo) is a 2004 South Korean romantic comedy film starring Kim Ha-Neul and Kang Dong-Wan. It’s a romantic, melodrama comedy film about a beautiful and cunning ex-convict girl, and an innocent and naive village guy!
Too Beautiful to Lie” is Kim Ha-Neul’s second venture into the comedy genre after ‘My Tutor Friend’, and Kang Dong-Wan’s movie debut. This film was not a big blockbuster or a box office hitter in South Korea, like ‘My Tutor Friend’, but was praised elsewhere in Asia and abroad for its subtle and funny humour!

Plot :
‘Ju Yeong-Ju’ (Kim Ha-Neul) is a cute and innocent looking ex-con artist with excellent deception skills who is imprisoned for fraud. But using her talent she managed to go through the evaluation and able to receive a parole for attending her only sister's wedding. While on the way, she runs into a shy and confused young guy, ‘Choi Hee-Chul’ (Kang Dong-Wan) who is on his way to see his girl friend in Seoul by train. He is a country bumpkin, and physician who is the only son of the mayor of a sleepy countryside.

However, Hee-Chul accidentally drops his engagement ring awkwardly under the legs of sleeping Yeong-Ju and while trying to retrieve it, creates a hilarious misunderstanding. After clearing up the misunderstanding with Yeong-Ju, he gets up to leave, but Yeong-Ju notices a pick-pocket stealing his ring at that very moment. Keeping herself safe from any legal trouble, Yeong-Ju gets out of the train to retrieve the ring, which she successfully does. But unfortunately, she misses the train and leaves her bag which contains her sister’s wedding gift in it with Hee-Chul!

Determined to find her bag and return the ring, she tracks down Hee-Chul and reaches his hometown. While carrying his engagement ring, she unwittingly gets mistaken by Hee-Chul’s family as his girlfriend. This leads to a lot of hilarious moments where unwilling to tell them the truth due to her own safety, Yeong-Ju even manages to convince Hee-Chul’s family that she is pregnant with his child. The situation gets more complicated when Hee-Chul finally returns home after failing in his marriage proposal because he has lost his ring. He is shocked to find everyone treating Yeong-Ju as his wife-to-be and even blaming him for ignoring her after getting her pregnant. He even gets beaten up a lot by his family and kicked out of the house making his life more miserable!

However, following the many romantic and hilarious twists, the bitter enemies that are Hee-Chul and Yeong-Ju start to fall for each other and Hee-Chul begins to see that behind Yeong-Ju’s deceptive and cunning exterior, there is actually a sweet and vulnerable girl. However, the truth is revealed to the family, which causes more chaos in the situation. But after all the upheavals in their life, everything works out well in the end!

Cast :
■ Ju Yeong-Ju (Kim Ha-Neul)
■ Choi Hee-Cheol (Kang Dong-Won)
■ Hee-Cheol's Father (Song Jae-Ho)
■ Hee-Cheol's Grandmother (Kim Ji-Yeong)
■ Husband of Hee-Cheol's Paternal Aunt (Lim Ha-Ryong)
■ Youg-Deok (Lee Cheon-Hee)
■ Doctor (Lee Ju-Seok)
■ Soo-Mi (Lee Yeong-Eun)
■ Hwa-Sook (Myeong Ji-Yeon)
■ Jae-Eun (Nam Sang-Mi)

Awards :
1. It won the 40th Baek Sang Arts Award for the Best Actress - Kim Ha-Neul in 2004.

Ratings : = 7.0/10; = 9.1/10; = 4.5/5; = 3.1/5
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