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Sivaji - The Boss (2007)

Genre : Political Thriller, Romance, Comedy, Action, Musical.
Language : Tamil
Country : India
Cast : Rajinikanth, Shriya Saran, Suman, Vivek.
Directed by : S. Shankar
Music : A. R. Rahman
Run Time : 184 min
Release Date : 15th June, 2007

Synopsis :
“Sivaji: The Boss” (Tamil: சிவாஜி) is a Tamil political thriller film focused on the menace of corruption in Indian politics and bureaucratic system. The movie revolves around a well-established NRI software engineer, Sivaji, who returns home to India after working many years in the United States. On his return, he dreams of giving back to the society with free medical treatment and quality education to the poor people. On his way to implement his charitable plans, he has to face many obstructions and difficulties!

This movie has a plenty of Styles and Mannerisms by the Superstar ‘Rajinikanth’, who is also known as the ‘King of Style’ in India! The music and cinematography of this movie helped it to become a phenomenal success across the globe!

Plot :
The film begins with a masked convict being brought to the Central Prison in Chennai on the charges of scam. The masked convict is revealed to be Sivaji (Rajinikanth). Now, the story goes to flashback mode. Sivaji, a NRI software engineer returns home to India from the United States after many years. He brings with him earnings of up to 250 crore rupees, with an aim to start a charity organization called the Sivaji Foundation in order to provide free education and medical facilities to the poor people. However, his noble ambitions have to face many obstacles of the corrupt bureaucracy and a political kingpin, Adiseshan (Suman) who sabotages his works!

Meanwhile, Sivaji wishes to marry a traditional and cultured Tamil girl. He and his Mama (Vivek) go on their search for an eligible girl in temples, and finally, they found a cute and traditional girl, Tamizhselvi (Shriya Saran). Initially, Tamizhselvi and her parents are against the marriage with a stranger, but after some funny incidents (interactions) they agree to the same. However, just when things were going good, Tamizhselvi refuses to marry Sivaji because of the astrologer’s prediction about Sivaji’s death after this marriage! After some convincing and a funny bollywood-style song, she agrees and marries Sivaji.

Using his political strings, Adiseshan repeals the permits and clearances issued to the Sivaji Foundation by the government, and the construction work of the foundation is stopped by the court’s stay order. Adiseshan mocks Sivaji and gives him a one-rupee coin, challenging him to try and survive with it! Sivaji collects information and robs the black money from the corrupt people and sends the money to USA through hawala route to get it distributed into small denominations by his NRI friends. The same amount is routed back to India in the form of white money as donations to the charity foundation run by Sivaji. Thereby he virtually runs an alternate government by using the black money, helps the poor and develops infrastructure in the state. The jealous and corrupt politicians play some tricks, and finally Sivaji was killed!

The second half of the movie is about the revenge of Sivaji! Now, it is revealed that he has faked his death to the conspirators. After a few days when everyone wonders about the future of Sivaji Foundation, the revived Sivaji returns to take control over the foundation in a disguise of a friend, M.G. Ravichandran (Rajinikanth). Though Adhiseshan realizes that it is Sivaji himself, he is unable to prove this to the police due to the tangible evidence of Sivaji's death. Ravichandran promises to avenge Sivaji's death and eventually manages to corner Adhiseshan and challenge him. After their fight, Adiseshan is killed in a stampede. As a conclusion, the audience are informed of the foundation's success and fulfilment of Sivaji's dreams!

Cast :
■ Sivaji Arumugam / M G Ravichandran (Rajinikanth)
■ Tamizhselvi Ramalingham (Shriya Saran)
■ Adisheshan, The Villain (Suman)
■ Arivu Mama, Sivaji’s Maternal Uncle (Vivek)
■ Dr. Chezhian (Raghuvaran)
■ Sivaji’s Mother (Vadivukarasi)
■ Sivaji’s Father (Manivannan)
■ Tamizhselvi’s Mother (Uma Padmanabhan)
■ Tamizhselvi’s Father (Pattimandram Raja)
■ Tamizhselvi’s Neighbour (Solomon Pappayya)
■ Main Dance Girl in ‘Balleilakka’ Song (Nayantara)

Awards :
1. It won the Silver Lotus Award at the 2008 Indian National Film Awards for Best Art Direction - Thotta Tharani.
2. It won the 2008 Filmfare Awards South for Best Music Director, Best Cinematography, Best Comedian, and Best Villain.
3. It won the 2007 Vijay Awards for Favourite Hero and Best Music Director.
4. It was nominated for the 2008 Filmfare Awards South for Best Actor and Best Film.
5. It was nominated for the 2007 Vijay Awards for Favourite Heroine – Shriya Saran.

Ratings : IMDB.com = 6.5/10; RottenTomatoes.com = 4.1/5; NowRunning.com = 3.5/5; IdleBrain.com = 3/5; MCTalkies.com = 3.25/5; MouthShut.com = 3/5.
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