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He Was Cool (2004)

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Drama.
Language : Korean
Country : South Korea
Cast : Song Seung-Heun, Jung Da-Bin.
Directed by : Lee Hwan-Gyeong
Run Time : 113 min
Release Date : 22nd July, 2004

Synopsis :
“He Was Cool” (Korean : Geunomeun Meoshiteotda), also known as “The Guy Was Cool” or “The Cool Guy” is a 2004 South Korean comedy film starring Song Seung-Heun and Jung Da-Bin.
The film is based on a novel written by ‘Guiyeoni’. It’s a funny and romantic story about a clumsy high school girl who falls into an unlikely relationship with the wealthy and arrogant bully of her school.

Plot :
‘Han Ye-Won’ (Jung Da-Bin) is a sweet, clumsy and cheerful high school girl. On the other side, there is ‘Ji Eun-Seong’ (Song Seung-Heon), a quick with the fist and insufferably rude student from vocational school and well-known as a bully. But beneath his tough exterior, he is struggling to overcome the shadows of his past!

One day, clumsily, Ye-Won leaves a message on the school website in reply to Eun-Seong's impolite message. She is shocked by the threatening calls from a boy named ‘Ji Eun-Seong’ on her mobile. Later, her best friend, Lee Kyeong-Won, tells her who ‘Eun-Seong’ is. He sends Ye-Won a message on her mobile – ‘He will wait for her in front of the main gate!’ While trying to escape, scared Ye-Won and Kyeong-Won decided to jump over the school wall. Unfortunately, the moment Ye-Won jumps, Eun-Seong is standing exactly at the other side of wall. She falls on him and they kissed accidentally. Raising his voice, Eun-Seong asks her to take responsibility; she is astonished. His friend explains that Eun-Seong has never before even held hands with a girl. Since she is the first girl who kissed him, as a consequence, she must marry him! 


At the beginning, Ye-won does not have any feelings for Eun-Seong. She even rejects his invitation to come to his birthday party. Unknowingly, Eun-Seong has fallen in love with her; but he is not the kind of guy who knows how to express his inner feelings. He is jealous when Ye-Won is approached by other guys but he does not know how to be with someone he loves!

Although he is rude and bad-tempered, Eun-Seong always forgives Ye-Won's mistakes and clumsiness. One thing he couldn't bear was when he found out that Ye-Won went out with Kim Han-Seong, his senior and the one he hates a lot. The broken-hearted Eun-Seong decides to leave Korea following his mother to the US.

A year later Ye-Won is seen with Kim Han-Seong, discussing her if she is scared for her SATs. It seems to be that they are in a relationship at this point. During her SAT, the hearing portion of the exam brings up a quote from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ bring Ye-Won back to the memory of her and Eun-Seong in the park in front of the telephone booth where, no matter what, they would re-unite at the first snowfall. At this point Ye-Won stops what she is doing and runs to the park. She waits there as the scene rolls back to the fantasy she had a year ago and she starts to cry as Eun-Seong is not there. As she turns around, a rabbit is hopping towards her, the same rabbit she gave to Eun-Seong. She looks up and Eun-Seong is there. She yells at him saying "Why did you leave without saying goodbye ?" And Eun-Seong replied "True love requires no words!"

The film ends with Eun-Seong‘s childhood memory of some opening event of an elementary school where the only kid that would kiss Eun-Seong was ‘Ye-Won’. An interesting aspect to this is that earlier on in the film, Ye-won uses Eun-Seong's mobile camera to make a video of her bedroom. There she captures footage of an old photo from when she was little, showing her and a friend. It turns out that this friend is actually the little ‘Eun-Seong’, hinting at the connection between the two. When Eun-Seong watches the video on his cell towards the end of the film, he is surprised to see himself and remembers that Ye-Won was actually that little girl who kissed him!

Cast :
■ Ji Eun-Seong (Song Seung-Heon)
■ Han Ye-Won (Jung Da-Bin)
■ Kim Han-Seong (Lee Ki Woo)
■ Lee Kyeong-Won (Ahn Hae-Su)
■ Kim Hyeon-Seong (Kim Yeong-Hun)
■ Kim Seung-Pyo (Lee Min-Hyeok)
■ Kim Hyo-Bin (Kim Ji-Hye)

Ratings : = 6.3/10; = 9.1/10; = 4.5/5; = 3.5/5
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