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My Little Bride (2004)

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama.
Language : Korean
Country : South Korea
Cast : Geun-Yeong Moon, Rae-Won Kim, Sun-Yeong Ahn, Bo-Kyeong Kim.
Directed by : Ho-Joon Kim
Run Time : 115 min
Release Date : 1st April, 2004

Synopsis :
My Little Bride” (Korean : Eorin Shinbu) is a Korean romantic comedy film about an arranged marriage between a teacher and a student. It was the second most popular Korean movie of 2004 in Korea, behind the blockbuster hit ‘Taegukgi’, with 3,149,500 visitors. It was 4th most popular among all films.

My Little Bride” is a Korean remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film 'My Wife is 18', starring Charlene Choi and Ekin Cheng. "My Little Bride" is not a milestone of Asian cinema, but better than a lot of similar movies of the same genre. A great chemistry between the two main protagonists; lots of loveable side characters and some very funny moments will let you dive into this insignificant joyful world with a smile!

Plot :
Park Sang-min (Rae-Won Kim) returns to Korea after his long trip from America. When he arrives, there are suddenly some family matters he has to take care of. Bo-eun (Geun-Yeong Moon) is an ordinary 15-year old high school girl who worries about grades and has a crush on her school's baseball team ace, Jung-Woo (Park Jin-Woo). One day, Bo-eun's grandfather orders her to marry Sang-min because of a pact he made with Sang-min's grandfather during the Korean War. With a heavy heart, Bo-eun agrees at her grandfather’s deathbed to marry Sang-min. However, she isn't very happy about it, because although she is friends with Sang-min since childhood she thinks of him as a playboy! Bo-eun's undercover married life begins: She pretends that she doesn't have a husband and starts dating Jung-Woo. Bo-eun believes that she can manage both men and live a double life!

Everything goes smoothly until Sang-min visits Bo-eun's school as a trainee teacher for his internship. There a teacher, called 'Miss. Kim' flirts with Sang-min and she later finds out that Sang-min and Bo-eun are married. She punishes Bo-eun by making her paint a huge wall of a stage. Sang-min and his friends then helps Bo-eun with the work of painting without letting her know. When the two families were busy at their monthly get-together, Bo-eun's elder brother accidentally shows a video of Bo-eun with Jung-Woo. Then after that she realises her mistake of cheating Sang-min and apologizes to him. She also learns from her friend that Sang-min had been helping her with the painting. She then breaks up with Jung-Woo. During a cultural festival at Bo-eun's school where Sang-min is asked to make a speech, it is revealed to the entire school that Sang-min and Bo-eun are married. Sang-min then tells everyone that Bo-eun was forced to marry him and begs everyone not to discriminate her and treat her just like others. Now, Bo-eun comes to the stage and tells Sang-min that she is not a kid anymore and tells that she loves him. The movie ends with Sang-min and Bo-eun living happily together!

Cast :
■ Park Sang-min (Rae-Won Kim)
■ Seo Bo-eun (Geun-Yeong Moon)
■ Miss. Kim, Lady Teacher (Sun-Yeong Ahn)
■ Ji-su (Bo-Kyeong Kim)
■ Bo-eun’s Grandfather (In-Moon Kim)
■ Bo-eun’s Father (Ki-Yoon Song)
■ Bo-eun’s Mother (Eun-Sook Seon-Woo)
■ Sang-min’s Father (Jin-Hee Han)
■ Sang-min’s Mother (Hye-Ok Kim)
■ Jung-Woo, Baseball Ace (Park Jin-Woo)

Ratings : = 7.1/10; = 9.1/10; = 6/8

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