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Daisy (2006)

Genre : Romance, Action, Drama.
Language : Korean
Country : South Korea, Hong Kong.
Cast : Jun Ji-hyun, Jung Woo-sung, Lee Sung-jae, David Chiang.
Directed by : Andrew Lau
Run Time : 110 min
Release Date : 9th March, 2006

Synopsis :
“Daisy” (Korean: Dei-Ji) is an urban romantic melodrama between a young painter, an Interpol detective and a professional assassin. With a twist that is bound to make its audience think about their own perception about love, the film was shot entirely in The Netherlands, for the most part in the city of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Epen.

The plot follows Hye-Young (Jeon Ji-Hyun), a young and innocent painter who works at her grandfather's antique shop in Amsterdam, and makes some money on the side sketching portraits for tourists. Park Yi (Jung Woo-Sung) is a contract killer holed up in a house at the city centre, where the local artists used to gather on the weekends. He notices a beautiful painter (Hye-Young) walking by regularly, and found a soft corner for her!

A turning point comes when Hye-Young falls off a makeshift wooden bridge, losing her painting bag. Park Yi secretly builds up a new bridge for her. It's love at first sight in the meadows of daisies, where her clumsiness caught his attention! Although she doesn’t know who has offered such favour, she leaves one of her paintings (of daisies) as a sign of gratitude.

However, being shy and aware of the dangers of his professional career, he can only admire her from afar, do little (or perhaps big) things for her in an anonymous fashion. He never shows up in front of Hye-Young. Instead, he delivers daisies at 4:15 pm (a symbolic figure since Hye-Young's solo exhibition later will be held on April-15) everyday without fail!

Hye-Young is also in love with this mysterious stranger. She is constantly waiting for him to appear, and greatly touched by his acts. One day, Jeong Woo (Lee Seong-Jae), an Interpol officer monitoring an Asian gang at the city square met Hye-Young, and asks her to draw his portrait with daisies in hand. She mistakenly believes him to be the unknown stranger who sends her daisies on a weekly basis. Hye-Young rapidly shows her affection toward Jeong Woo, even though the real man is watching the new development from a nearby house, still hiding. Jeong Woo knows he's not the guy, but he decides not to tell the truth - since he also falls in love with the girl!

Jeong Woo also must eventually face off against the real daisy guy – Park Yi, a soulful hit-man who has pined for Hye-Young ever since he spied her painting daisies in the countryside. Through myriad manufactured circumstances, the two men meet and become rivals over love and the law. Meanwhile, Hye-Young cries in the background, clueless as to who her promised daisy guy really is!

Cast :
■ Hye Young (Jeon Ji Hyun a.k.a. Gianna Jun)
■ Park Yi (Jung Woo-Sung)
■ Jeong Woo (Lee Seong-Jae)
■ Cho (David Chiang)
■ Detective Jang (Ho-Jin Jeon)

Ratings : = 7.3/10; = 4/5.
[Source : Wikipedia, IMDB, RottenTomatoes, Flixster]

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